Our 2020 Vision

“Elan Projects will invigorate communities.”

Our Core Values


We’re on a Mission


To lead practise

We will set the global standard for managed internet services.

We will forge and support sensible partnerships that keep our core values at the centre of their focus.

We will operate sustainably and profit for growth.

We will use proven workforce and organisational development practices to build a strong company.

To employ an evidence-based approach to all of our activities

We will consult widely, listen carefully and research rigorously to ensure that our initiatives are based on the best possible intelligence.

We will base our claims on real information.

We will record our activities and develop a body of evidence that demonstrates our own efficacy as an organisation.

To create products that people want to use

We will make products that offer a simple solution to a real problem.

Our technological responses will be designed for optimum longevity, transfer-ability and affordability.

We will build the skills of individuals and organisations to support their own IT as far as possible.

At all times, we will acquit ourselves with élan.