Our Strategic Plan

2020 Vision

“Elan Projects will be a catalyst that invigorates regional Australia.”


Our Core Values



We’re on a Mission

“To connect people and industry with skills and opportunities that will change lives for the better. We will lead meaningful projects that build prosperity and productivity through applying technology in innovative ways.”


Our Strategic Objectives

To provide real solutions to identified problems

We will leverage the potential of emerging technologies to support regional outcomes.

We will find affordable, sensible & practical ways to address acknowledged needs.

We will participate in building the capacity of individuals & organisations to become healthier, happier, more prosperous & productive.


To employ an evidence-based approach to all of our activities

We will consult widely, listen carefully and research rigorously to ensure that our initiatives are based on the best possible intelligence.

We will base our claims on real information.

We will record our activities and develop a body of evidence that demonstrates our own efficacy as an organisation.


To utilise existing resources to their best potential

Our technological responses will be designed for optimum longevity, transfer-ability and affordability. We will build the skills of individuals and organisations to support their own IT as far as possible.

We will not “reinvent the wheel” – we will avoid duplication of work, assets or infrastructure.

We will draw upon our wide networks and diverse skills to develop and optimise human, physical and environmental resources’ outcomes.


To lead practise in regional development

We will combine workforce planning, profiling and development approaches to support the needs of emerging industries, small to medium enterprises, regional communities and not-for-profit organisations.

We will forge and support sensible partnerships that keep regional outcomes at the core of their focus.


At all times, we will acquit ourselves with élan.

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