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Facilitated experiences with clever use of smart technologies, so you get more from every interaction.

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Whether you’re connecting across the room, the street or the globe, Group Sense delivers accessible, agile and sustainable technological responses for humans. Group Sense chooses from a broad palette of lean tech tools to create a custom solution that won’t bog your organisation down.

Group Sense Action Planning Session Cross Pollinate 2014

Group Sense helps groups make sense of ideas.

What is Group Sense?

Group Sense is a stakeholder engagement approach that combines agile, lean technologies to enable face-to-face and remote shared experiences. Starting with core objectives in mind, we blend low cost, accessible tools to create a bespoke solution just for you. Group Sense won’t bog your organisation down with contracts or large infrastructure purchases.

Backed by proven skill and experience, our designs are as agile and innovative as your organisation.

Grab your people’s attention and get the job done better.

Here are some examples where organisations have used the Group Sense approach for stakeholder consultation, engagement and research:


Specialists in working with people who are new to technology.

Specialists in working with people who are new to technology.


Group Sense makes sense.