Elan Projects

We’re Albert Einstein fans. Are you? (Go on, google him if you’re undecided).

We’re inspired by his insatiable curiosity, clear vision & disciplined, collaborative approach to research.

He was also right into sustainability, bikes and idealism.



Nina McMahon

Nina is a Vocational Education & Training, Community Engagement and Regional Development nerd.

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She’s into innovation, quality and collaboration.


Andrew Davies

Andrew is an applied technology ninja. He’s also really good at explaining it to the rest of us.

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He’s into agility, sustainability & practicality.


Linden Kurth

Linden is a skilled senior ICT magician and project manager who speaks fluent Human.

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He’s also into renewable energy & teaching.


James Murdoch

James is a quick-witted, highly experienced entrepreneur with a talent for e-commerce.

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James is into cool tech things that make enterprises money.


What do other people think of us?


“Meeting Nina and Andy has been fantastic – their work has helped me to see the innovation in action in Tasmania. It’s helped to highlight the interconnectedness of ideas and needs across our state and the ways in which we could improve our knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Their work at the Cross-Pollinate conference has been described as a real highlight by our conference delegates and I can’t wait to see their projects grow – the potential is huge”

Lani Evans
Environment Tasmania



“One of the most fundamental challenges faced during the process of planned innovation is to become free of our personal biases, that tether us to the past, whilst still being capable of seeing contextual relationships possible from the present. In Nina, I see this rare disposition, an innate capacity to be mindful of the present whilst creating the future, yet freed from the dogma of yesterday. As technology threatens our current mental models at increasing rates, we must keep the company of those that can cope with such disruption. If your future is destined to be aligned with constant change and regular adaptation, I wholeheartedly recommend Nina to be your travel companion, for journeys short and/or long.”

Dr Colin Jones
University of Tasmania


“The Country Women’s Association in Tasmania have been working with Nina and Andrew since 2013. We have been pleased with their friendly, professional manner and we’re very satisfied with our new website. They helped us with every step of the way, connected really well with our team of volunteers and patiently guided us through the web development process. Every step was made easy and they never made us feel silly for not knowing everything about technology.

The training that Nina is providing to our ladies has given us all confidence to keep our digital campaign going well into the future and to keep our website up-to-date. We highly recommend Elan Projects if you’re looking for someone with technical expertise and the people skills to make creating a website for your community organisation simple and fun.”

Shirley Morrisby
State President, Country Women’s Association of Tasmania