Launched as part of the 2013 Start Up Spring Festival, which showcased Start Ups that are doing nifty things with technology, the Remote Drink-a-long: The Sparkling Edition was all about applying technology in the most enjoyable way we could think of – and inviting the world to join in!

We mixed a whole bunch of our favorite things together (technology, educators, booze enthusiasts, artisan producers, expert vignerons, leading sommeliers, hospitality venues, fast internet – & delicious, premium Tasmanian sparkling wines from 5 different vineyards) to host the first Remote Drink-a-long. 16 different enterprises collaborated in the event – & we all had such a ball, we’re planning more!

It’s like wine touring – flipped.

Remote Drink-a-long promo poster

The wines & producers come to the punters – not the other way around. Participants get to meet the people behind the products, learn about the production methods, be educated & informed, try lots of different wines – without having to get behind the wheel between drinks!

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People are talking to us about The Remote Drink-a-long model as a way to:

– Connect directly with lots of people at once to do something social, collaborative, entertaining & experiential.
– Deliver meaningful, memorable & targeted workforce development to people in a range of locations at once.
– Market their unique people, places & products directly with an engaged audience.

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Our old mate Einstein said this:

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”

He must have been thinking of The Remote Drink-a-long.
Serious nerd fun.