Networked Networking Series Launch – February 25th 2016

Hobart and Launceston

Australian Computer Society Ethical Framework sneak peak

The key elements that we’re interested in for the Capability Framework fall into 3 key areas of interest:

1) Before getting started.
What does a person need to do or know in order to get into the best position to start a new enterprise in Tasmania?
2) While Starting Up.
What skills and knowledge should people in brand new businesses that use technology as key enablers have?
3) While growing a second-phase StartUp in Tasmania.

Technologists Unite Invitation





The objective of this project is to develop a capability framework for ICT start-ups to inform

the VET sector‟s creation and provision of targeted training activities to enhance digital

industry outcomes for new and existing enterprises.

The resultant skills set designs that will be at the core of the Capability Framework will be

applicable to any start-up wanting to use the capability available through modern technology

to take their entrepreneuring idea to a commercial reality.